In the name of the almighty god that we all serve,i greet you.i know this mail of mine might come to you as a shock,but dont mind please,its just a matter of time and devotion.i am brameem anu,i the son of a victim of oppression in father was a successful businessman in bagdad-iraq,and not too long the iraqi presidential guards came into our house at about one a.m.midnight,picked up my father away,only to find him few days later,dead in front of the present we are not also safe because they believe my father has been financing the opposition group in surport of the americans,but its just a way of cleaning out the few christian minority in iraq and this is the best time to do so.we are christian and my father happens to be one of the few rich christian in iraq.i want you to know that your government are actually doing a great job to see that this tyrant gets out of thing we ask from you,on behalf of my mother and sisters,is to please indicate your interest in helping us secure a safe place for the bulk of our fathers funds in the bank over here before the tyrant iraqi government clamp on it.these are proceeds from my late fathers oil business with countries arround us,unknow to the iraqi government.these proceeds are usually paid into his domicillary account with one of the local banks here in iraq.we really need your assistance fast so that i can transfer the funds to you for safe keeping and possibly,invest it in your country before we arrange on how to meet.presently we are planning to move to jordan by road,and from there we can move to europe where we can communicate better.firstly,i will need full detail about you,YOUR PHONE AND FAX NUMBERS and FULL BANKING DETAILS OF YOURS E.G BANK ACCOUNT where i can transfer the funds to immediately,your company profile if any.the amount in question is $120million u.s.dollars. we are prepared to give you 20%for your kind gesture while you invest the rest. your contact had already been with my late father before he was killed,and he had also planned contacting you earlier.please note that we do not use phones here due to the way they monitor the phones here,for now you can use the mail till we see in europe and i can laways go to jordan to call you if there is any need.may god almighty bless you as you are about to help and may all the good things of life come your can reach me on

regards from my mother,sisters and myself,

braheem anu.

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